Dr. Elizabeth Cohen on the CLAIM IT Podcast

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, the author of Light at The Other Side of Divorce: Discovering the New You, joins Tricia Huffman on the Claim It! podcast  to talk about divorce, her own relationship transition and how she is navigating it.

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is a clinical psychologist, the CEO and founder of the online divorce course and membership Afterglow: The Light at the Other Side of Divorce and the CEO of the Center for CBT in NYC. Dr. Cohen’s online course teaches women how to heal, grow and thrive after divorce no matter how difficult the process has been.

Claim It Podcast Interview Elizabeth Cohen

The topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Growing up and going to school as an Orthodox Jew and the messages she got as a girl/woman  
  • How parents staying together for the sake of their kids is not ideal
  • Going to college and leaving her Orthodox roots behind 
  • How her path as a psychologist came to be.
  • The different types of therapy and how you are the consumer so you can change therapist and which type of therapy to utilize. 
  • Going through a divorce herself and seeing the need to create work to support women and to change the stigma of divorce
  • Why she calls people who divorce superheroes 
  • How we need to stop feeling pity for people and instead simply express love and support when hearing about changes in their lives
  • Creating her divorce course in 3 days H
  • How that inspired a membership platform for women AND her new book
  • Relationships ending don’t have be shameful or seen as failure or bad to be final 
  • Paying attention to who you tell things to, how much you tell them and why. You don’t have to tell everyone everything. 

Light On the Other Side of Divorce by Elizabeth Cohen

Light on the Other Side of Divorce

Discovering the New You

#1 New Release in Divorce

Offering a well-researched and tested method for recovering from a broken heart after divorce, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen brings her highly successful “Afterglow” process to you in Light on the Other Side of Divorce. Don’t just move on after a breakup―thrive.

Readers of divorce books for women and men like This Is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe, Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas, and Finding Love After Heartbreak by Stephan Labossiere will find joy after heartbreak with Light on the Other Side of Divorce.

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