Ep. 107 How to Deal with Sadness and Stress

(Author of You, Recharged) Polly Campbell is here to show you, or rather, tell you the ways you can work at lessen your stress and sadness.

There is nothing wrong with feeling big emotion even if it’s sadness or fear. In fact, allowing yourself to acknowledge your feelings, is an important way to cope with them. So what can we do when we are feeling bad?  Polly covers how to vent, validate, and experience all the ups and downs.

You, Recharged

How to Beat Fatigue (Mostly), Amp Up Your Energy (Usually), and Enjoy Life Again (Always)

Small Steps, Big Energy. Self-help books for women often encourage you to throw out the life you’re living and create a fresh start. You, Recharged isn’t about that. You don’t have to quit your mundane job, cut out cocktails, or sign off of social media to recharge. Instead, Polly Campbell’s inspirational book is about adding things in―good habits, practices, fun, people, activities, self-care strategies―that ignite your essential energy, the sustainable source that fires you up from within and keeps you going during the good and bad.

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