Ep. 113 Rachael Wolff Talks Letter Writing for Self-Acceptance

Rachael Wolff (author of Letters from a Better Me) and Polly Campbell (author of You, Recharged) sit down for a lovely chat.

Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me, explains how we can use letters to figure things out, tap into our spiritual side, and develop awareness and acceptance that allows us to break painful patterns in our lives. 

Find Polly: www.pollycampbell.com, Facebook, @PollyCampbellAuthor

Rachael Wolff: www.fromalovingplace.com

Letters From a better me

How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

THE EMPOWERED WOMAN follows the belief system that is best explained in a quote by Byron Katie: “The most attractive thing about the Buddha was that he saved one person: himself. That’s all he needed to save; when he saved himself, he saved the whole world.”

The letters work in different ways depending on the chapter and part of the book.  

You, Recharged

How to Beat Fatigue (Mostly), Amp Up Your Energy (Usually), and Enjoy Life Again (Always)

Small Steps, Big Energy. Self-help books for women often encourage you to throw out the life you’re living and create a fresh start. You, Recharged isn’t about that. You don’t have to quit your mundane job, cut out cocktails, or sign off of social media to recharge. Instead, Polly Campbell’s inspirational book is about adding things in―good habits, practices, fun, people, activities, self-care strategies―that ignite your essential energy, the sustainable source that fires you up from within and keeps you going during the good and bad.

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