Ep. 32 | Interview with Andrea Isabelle Lucas

(Author of Own It All) Andrea Isabelle Lucas joined host Michelle DuVall to swap entrepreneurial stories and goals.

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Episode Description

Andrea Isabelle Lucas, owner of Barre & Soul, author of “Own It All,” and the founder of Barre Guild Academy joined host Michelle DuVall to swap entrepreneurial stories and goals. Having started her teaching career with Exhale Spa and Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, Andrea shares some lessons that she learned early on that have stayed with her. Michelle and Andrea discuss Ester Fairfax’s warm, welcoming personality coupled with her impressive showmanship and performance quality. They also mention the insights into her world that Ester’s memoir, “My Improper Mother and Me, “ provided each of them. The original Lotte Berk training program, run by her daughter Ester Fairfax challenged Andrea’s perspective on teaching and helped her grow to encompass more into her personal teaching style. Show Notes: Andrea Isabelle Lucas Barre Guild Academy

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own it all

How to Stop Waiting for Change and Start Creating It. Because Your Life Belongs to You.

Own It All is intended for… – A woman who currently feels stressed out, depleted, overwhelmed, and unsatisfied—like she’s the underpaid intern of her life rather than the CEO. – A woman who wants to change one—or several—areas of her life, and who wants powerful stories, motivation, and guidance from someone who’s been there and done it. – A woman who wants to build a world with equal pay, equal opportunities, equal rights, and more women in positions of leadership. She’s definitely a feminist, even if she doesn’t necessarily use that word to describe herself. She’s tired of postponing goals, dreams, and changes until “someday later,” and she’s tired of feeling pulled in too many directions. She wants to get clear on her goals, prioritize like a mofo, and make things happen.

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