Essential Summer Reading

Dive into this list of Mango books- like Food Americana by David Page- to guarantee a delicious summer.

THE FOOD REVOLUTION, How Your Diet Can Save Your Life and Our World by John Robbins, is a well-researched and compelling book about the saving power of the plant-based diet. His is a brilliant mind at work and he uses persuasively on the subject of conscious eating. It’s about time we all realize the negative effects of our current eating habits on our bodies and the planet. Our factory farming system is nothing short of harmful, he argues. Robbins is a powerful and provocative writer who makes perfect sense: it’s about time we integrate our food and our world.

THE ORIGINAL FRONTIER, A Serious Seeker’s Guide To Zen, offers a vivid presentation of the teachings of Soyu Matsuoka Roshi, an American Zen pioneer. Taiun Michael Elliston, a principal Dharma heir of Roshi, weaves together the practical and esoteric insights into a life of Zen, shedding light on this unique process of creative development.  Ranging from how Zen differs from popular meditations, to designing a contemporary Zen life, and including workarounds for all your excuses. Based on sound principles of direct sensory immersion, simply sitting still enough for long enough, this user’s manual for Zen is presented step by step, encompassing personal dimensions of practice, as well as social implications for yourself and others. Zen enables you to embrace ambiguity in daily life, and to enjoy benefits to your health and happiness. Zen is always contemporary and holds the key to surviving, and thriving, in trying times.

WORK SMART NOW: Jump Start Productivity, Empower Employees, and Achieve More is a very special book by Richard Polak that is a must read for CEOs and HR Directors. Polak has a wealth of experience in HR and he combines his analytical and personal knowledge to develop an innovative way forward without added stress. Compassion, communication, community well-being are but three of the topics he tackles in this instructive book.

Whether it’s in corporate America or in our own living rooms, people are wasting time. From the minute we wake up and check our Facebook page or emails—before we even crawl out of bed—to late at night when we stay up longer than we should, watching our favorite show.

There’s a precise moment that falls between working enough hours to be productive and working too many hours, yielding a diminishing marginal return. The difference between the person able to master this and most Americans that fail miserably at it is quality of life! If one continues to work past this moment, a negative return will ensue, and that negative return produces guilt. It lowers the amount of time for recreational activities and spending time with family. We’ve siloed productivity to our work life, however; the impact on our personal life is often loss. Polak taps into the wisdom of both his left and right brain and all readers will be the beneficiaries.

TERPENES FOR WELL-BEING, A Comprehensive Guide to Botanical Aromas for Emotional and Physical Self-Care by Andrew Freedman, provides both a botanical breakdown and comprehensive guide to aromatherapy-related techniques for relaxation, natural stress relief and anti-anxiety treatments. Terpenes are the hidden secret behind cannabis and healing. Without the essential aromatics, there would be no differences between cultivars and the way cannabis affects our bodies. These herbal remedies are sure to make you feel better outside and inside. Published by Mango. Here are the Amazon and Bookshop links to Terpenes for Well-Being: 


FOOD AMERICANA, The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories behind America’s Favorite Dishes by David Page tells the incredible story of how Americans have formed a national cuisine. This is a true smorgasbord of food, pop culture, and everything on the American palate. Terrific food journalism to fulfill any food lover’s appetite. Published by Mango. Amazon link:

Bookshop Link:

SUSTAINABLE MINIMALISM, Embrace Zero Waste, Build Sustainability Habits That Last, and Become a Minimalist Without Sacrificing the Planet by Stephanie Marie Seferian will give you the tools to declutter responsibly and rid your life of stress through an eco-friendly approach. Sustainable minimalism is the solution overworked people are seeking but can’t seem to find in any store. This book empowers readers to incrementally incorporate the tenets of sustainable minimalism into their homes and lives. You will master the easiest tasks first and build upon your successes—a practical and stress-free process. Now that’s sustainable. Published by Mango.

THE MODERN HOIMESTEAD GARDEN, Growing Self-Sufficiency In Any Size Backyard is filled with easy-to-employ ideas and lessons for establishing a homestead garden no matter where you live and how much land you have. Author Gary Pilarchik assures your road to success is not walked alone as you transform your space into an edible landscape. His advice on the best crops to grow, where to plant, troubleshooting common issues, feeding plants and enjoying and preparing your harvest is enlightening, no matter your level of self-relaiance. Published by Quarto.

Food Americana

The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories behind America’s Favorite Dishes

Food Americana is a riveting ride into every aspect of what we eat and why. From a lobster boat off the coast of Maine to the Memphis in May barbecue competition. From the century-old Russ & Daughters lox and bagels shop in lower Manhattan to the Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival. From a thousand-dollar Chinese meal in San Francisco to birria tacos from a food truck in South Philly. Readers will learn the inside story of how Americans came to form national cuisines from a world of diverse flavors. This insightful book is, overall, engaging and oftentimes extremely humorous.

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