Mango Essentials for a Picnic in the Park

July Is a Picnic in The park collage

This month we are celebrating both National Picnic Month and National Parks and Recreation Month with our very own bookish collection of picnic essentials.

Parks provide a space for community, where family and friends can bond over shared activities and home-cooked meals. They are central to so many memories: playdates, parties, and picnics.

Here at Mango, we boast a repertoire of picnic essentials: food, flowers, fun activities, furry friends, and everything else you need to celebrate outdoors.

Get creative for the cookout: Craft the ultimate cookout buns (Buns and Burgers) or sub your burger for a vegan patty (Making Vegan Meat). Explore America’s drive-ins, diners and dives (Eating Across America), her dishes (Food Americana), or her drinks (Beer School).

Buns and Burgers by Gregory Berger cover
Making Vegan Meat by Mark Thompson cover
Eating Across America by Daymon Patterson cover
Food Americana by David Page cover
Beer School by Jonny Garrett cover

Read about greens on the green: Learn about plants (In Defense of Plants, Growing Flowers) or try to escape them (Mother Nature Is Not Trying to Kill You, Surviving the Wild). Incorporate them into your cocktails (Garnishes from the Garden) or into your self-care (Terpenes for Well-Being).

In Defense of Plants by Matt Candeias cover
Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You by Rob Nelson cover
Surviving the Wild by Joshua Enyart cover
Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes by Katie Stryjewski cover
Terpenes for Well Being by Andrew Freedman cover

Tour the outdoors: Plan the perfect picnic date with your partner (The Art of Picnics) or your pet (Becoming a Dog Chef). Play around with people (Picturing America’s Pastime) or puppies (Chew this Journal)

The Art of Picnics by Alanna O'neil cover
Becoming a Dog Chef by Kevyn Matthews cover
Picturing America's Pastime by Randy Johnson cover
Chew this Journal by Sassafras Lowrey cover

July is all about enjoying good food and good company. This month, we encourage everyone to take a break from their fast-paced lifestyles, pick up a basket, and reconnect with nature with these picnic essentials.

Thank you for trusting us with your stories and thank you for making the world a better, more beautiful place.