Build a Better Morning

(Author of Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul) Dr. Judith Pentz will show you how to use Ayurveda to build a beneficial morning routine.
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Build a Better Morning

July 14, 2021 @ 6:00 pm

(Author of Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul) Dr. Judith Pentz will show you how to use Ayurveda to build a beneficial morning routine.

Event Details:

4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time [6 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Pacific] Wednesday July 14


Have you tried to make healthy changes but find it’s a struggle to sustain them? These micro-disciplines are easy to keep.

  • Would you like to have fewer daily aches and pains? I’ll point you to techniques that nurture your muscle and joint health.
  • Would you like to reduce your toxic load? I’ll give tips on a mini-detox. 
  • Does it sound impossible that you could face daily stress with a calm mind. I will share two tools guaranteed to reduce your stress with a sense of calmness in just minutes.

I have been where you are. I have learned many ways to manage stress at the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. I am here to share my wisdom with you.


Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. It starts you off from a place of wellness and resilience. You can bounce back from setbacks with greater ease. You face challenges with a calm mind. 

Yet everyone is different. Ayurveda builds that into its approach to wellness, and you can find out how to cultivate better habits so you can create the best morning for your body. 

In Build a Better Morning, we tap into real-life practices in nutrition, movement, silence and stillness so you can nurture your body and soul.

Join me for an introductory online class!

I am the author of Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul, and I bring my experience with the ayurvedic cleanse called panchakarma, as well as 30+ years of practice as an integrative psychiatrist to helping you build a morning routine that will help you sustain wellness and a calm mind.


  • Techniques for stillness
  • Breath practices and meditation
  • Ways to build a better routine
  • Steps to make changes and create a doable personalized plan of action that day
  • Two mind-body interventions to manage stress to be done in class
  • My Build a Better Morning toolkit where you can make your own morning routine action plan.

Cleanse Your Body, Reveal Your Soul

Sustainable Well-Being Through the Ancient Power of Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy

A change at the cellular level. Part travel memoir and part spiritual guide, Cleanse Your Body and Reveal Your Soul is one woman’s transformative quest with Ayurvedic Panchakarma (a fivefold detoxification treatment involving massage, herbal therapy, and other procedures) and the profound shifts that led to some sustainable, substantial life changes. Dissatisfied with a mainstream psychiatric practice, Dr. Pentz heads to India, where she undergoes an ancient, rejuvenating cleanse.