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Karen Casey ~ Each Day A Renewed Beginning: Meditations for a Peaceful Journey

December 4, 2021 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm PDT

Karen Casey (author of Each Day A Renewed Beginning) brings inspiration and motivational quotes to Banyen Books on December 4th.

Event Details:

Join Karen Casey, author of the bestselling classics Each Day a New Beginning and The Promise of a New Day for an inspirational discussion of her new book, Each Day a Renewed Beginning.

Each Day a Renewed Beginning is a collection of unique and motivational experiences that are assembled to inspire optimism in times of crisis, both externally and internally. Karen Casey investigates topics such as hope, meditation, tranquility, and acceptance, so that we can apply them to our perception and make choices that will leave us ready to take on the ugly side of life.

Sometimes we feel like the world is imploding on us: pandemics, climate change, politics, employment… The list goes on, and it becomes too much to take in all at once. Karen Casey’s work offers heartfelt and hard-won wisdom, bringing a message of genuine positivity and transformation to our darkest times.

Karen CaseyPhD, is the author of 28 books including the beloved classic, Each Day a New Beginning, which has sold over 3.5 million copies and has been translated into more than 10 languages worldwide. She is a workshop facilitator for 12-step recovery and an inspirational speaker who has helped transform the lives of audiences around the world for over four decades. Some of her influential books of inspiration include Promise of a New DayCodependence and the Power of Detachment, Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow, and 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles.

Each Day a Renewed Beginning

Meditations for a Peaceful Journey

Peace is always possible, even in the midst of a storm. By sharing a meditation for each day of the year, author Karen Casey speaks to the common experience, shared struggles, and unique strengths of those who seek support and spiritual growth in recovery. Featuring daily inspirational quotes about finding peace and honoring love, this positive thinking book offers the perfect touchstone at this crucial time in history—a time when millions are seeking quiet moments and mindful meditation.

Today can open the door to a new way of living. Love can be a powerful influence in our lives. It’s the total absence of judgment. It’s pure acceptance. It is the inner voice reminding us that all is well and God is present, right here and right now. The overwhelming peace we feel is all the evidence we need of God’s constancy. The expression of love quiets our minds and we are flooded with inner peace. How much gentler our lives would be if we dispensed with all expressions but love. But we don’t live in a world that truly values peace. What if we can turn away from constant judgment and offer love instead, in every situation?

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