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Live Masterclass: Redesign Your Mind With Eric Maisel (Part 2)

September 27 @ 4:00 pm

Eric Maisel Ph.D. (author of Redesign Your Mind) is doing a two-part webinar series for Redesign Your Mind on September 27th.

Event Details:

“Maisel’s buoyant tone and thorough explanation of his technique will help readers looking to push through mental roadblocks and improve emotional well-being.”—Publisher’s Weekly, review of REDESIGN YOUR MIND

Introducing our special guest speaker, Psychotherapist, Teacher, Coach and Author of more than 50 books, Dr. Eric Maisel. 

In this 2-part masterclass, you will be introduced to:

  1. Describing the room that is your mind and how human consciousness is experienced there;
  2. An easy and simple guide on changing what-and how-you think;
  3. An upgrade to the CBT method that lets you promote cognitive growth, healing, and change.


Eric Maisel is the author of 50+ books, among them the recent Inside Creativity Coaching, The Power of Daily Practice and Lighting the Way and the forthcoming Redesign Your Mind. His Psychology Today blog “Rethinking Mental Health” has had 3 million views and he also blogs for Thrive Global, Fine Art America, and the Good Men Project. Dr. Maisel founded the profession of creativity coaching, trains creativity coaches, leads workshops nationally and internationally, and maintains a worldwide creativity coaching practice.

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Redesign Your Mind

The Breakthrough Program for Real Cognitive Change

Your mind is yours to redesign, redecorate and create! The idea that you are what you think has concerned philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha. Today, this age-old message is delivered via cognitive-behavioral therapy and CBT techniques. Dr. Maisel moves cognitive change a giant step forward by describing the room that is your mind and how human consciousness is experienced there. Packed with visualization exercises, this accessible guide makes redesigning your mind and changing what you think easy and simple, an upgrade to the CBT method.

Visualization exercises for easy assembly. That room that is your mind is a space that you can decorate, air out, furnish, and turn into a truly congenial place. By practicing these easy-to-understand visualization exercises, you can redesign your mind and change not only what you think but how you think. Each of these techniques address major challenges like depression, anxiety, addiction, procrastination, and loneliness and promote cognitive growth, trauma healing, and fundamental change.

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