Mindfulness, An All-Natural Antidote

Sue Patton Thoele (author of Strength) and Dr. Greg Sazima (author of Practical Mindfulness) will have a virtual evening with Books & Books.
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Mindfulness, An All-Natural Antidote

September 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Sue Patton Thoele (author of Strength) and Dr. Greg Sazima (author of Practical Mindfulness) will have a virtual evening with Books & Books.

Event Details:

Books & Books and Miami Book Fair present…

Mindfulness, An All-Natural Antidote: A Virtual Evening with Sue Patton Thoele and Dr. Greg Sazima

Strength: Meditations for Wisdom, Balance & Power


Practical Mindfulness: A Physician’s No-Nonsense Guide to Meditation for Beginners

(Mango Publishing, $15.95 & $18.95) 

Monday, September 13, 7 PM ET

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Life has its moments… joy, suffering, tenderness, uncertainty, and more.  Pandemics, economic hardships, deeper recognition of racial and gender inequities, and political strife have all collided recently to generate a unique era.  How can we hold this moment, adapt to it, even learn from it? 

Is there an antidote for the stress of the current moment?

Join authors Sue Patton Thoele and Dr. Greg Sazima in conversation on a practical, mindful approach to managing this challenging time. Sue and Greg, both veteran psychotherapists and teachers, will offer wisdom on their own approaches to applying mindfulness and meditation as an all-natural remedy for the uncertainties and difficulties of now.  They will offer insights on why mindfulness practices work, how to cultivate them, and what we can gain in inward calm and outward compassion. 



About the Authors: 

Sue Patton Thoele is a psychotherapist, mentor, speaker, and author of over a dozen encouraging and empowering books that deal with issues similar to those both she and her psychotherapy clients deal with every day. Her works include The Mindful Woman, The Woman’s Book of Courage,  and The Courage to Be Yourself. Her latest book is Strength: Meditations for Wisdom, Balance & Power (Mango Publishing).

Greg Sazima, MD is a psychiatrist, educator and author, based in Northern California. In addition to a busy psychotherapy practice, he serves as Senior Behavioral Faculty at the Stanford/O’Connor Family Medicine Residency Program in San Jose. His new book is Practical Mindfulness: A Physician’s No-Nonsense Guide to Meditation for Beginners (Mango Publishing).

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Practical Mindfulness

A Physician’s No-Nonsense Guide to Meditation for Beginners

Training exercises that work. Practical Mindfulness approaches mindfulness and meditation from a hands-on, how-to, irreverent perspective–appealing directly to smart readers curious about meditation. By applying Dr. Sazima’s training routines, learn to spend more time in real engagement with the world. Cultivate a deeper appreciation of experiences, from the everyday to the extraordinary, and live your life more fully, wisely, and joyfully.


Meditations for Wisdom, Balance & Power (Affirmations, Mindfulness, For Fans of The Woman’s Book of Confidence)

Discover your inner power. Sue Patton Thoele, licensed psychotherapist and author of The Woman’s Book of Courage, is back again to cheer you on as you grow in tenacity, compassion, and courage. Her book Strength will become your ally in growing stronger and more empowered.

Meditate on words of encouragement and strength. This is a fresh and powerful book of daily meditations that encourages you to discover your inner power and manifest it in every area of your life. These pages contain over 125 meditations, stories, and musings on becoming stronger, happier, healthier, and more bodacious.