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Virtual Sourdough for Beginners Workshop

October 17 @ 11:00 am 7:00 pm EDT

Kristin Hoffman (author of Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book) is excited to lend a helping hand and teach you how to bake sourdough bread.

Event Details:

This is an all day event (with lots of time for breaks) so please not that if you want to watch live you will need to be available from 10:00 AM-7:00 PM CDT. This class is also hosted via a private Facebook group so that all materials and livestreams can live there for future reference.

In this live virtual class, you will bake along with all of the participants your own sourdough bread and learn all of the details of maintaining your starter, how the sourdough bread process works, how to make your dough fit your schedule, and how to adjust recipes for your own preferences.

Class participants will need to either already have their own active sourdough starter, obtain some active starter from someone (a friend, neighbor, local bakery- sourdough bakers always have extra to give away), or utilize Baker Bettie’s guide to create their own. If you choose the later option, Baker Bettie will be available in the Facebook group the week prior to help answer questions and walk you through it.

  • The morning of the workshop, the group will prepare the master sourdough recipe together during about a 2 hour live stream. The basics of how sourdough works will be covered in this session.
  • After a 1 hour break, the group will reconvene in a 3 hour live stream where the group will learn more in depth about the nuanes of sourdough, how to calculate formulas, how to adjust sourdough to fit your schedule, and plenty of time for Q&A. This session will end with shaping our loaves of bread.
  • After another break, the group will reconvene for the last session in which we will prepare sourdough pizza together for dinner with half of our dough. There will be plenty of time for more Q&A and we will all bake our loaves to end the session.

Each participant will receive a downloadable workbook that includes detailed information from the session, recipes, and bread schedule worksheets.

You will have lifetime access to the Facebook group where all of the materials and live streams will live.

To bake along during this session you will need:

  • digital
  • bread flour or unbleached all purpose flour
  • whole wheat flour
  • large mixing bowl
  • dutch oven at least 4 qt in size, or an oven safe pot with a lid up to 450 F.
  • a pizza stone, pizza steel, or two sturdy sheet pans

Other helpful tools, but not required:

  • bench knife
  • bowl scraper
  • banneton basket
  • bread lame

Baker Bettie’s Better Baking Book

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