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What Every Parent Needs to Know about College Admissions With Christie Barnes and Pamela Winslow Kashani

September 29 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

Christie Barnes (author of What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions) will help parents and teens through college.  

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What if Harry, Ron, and Hermione chose not Hogwarts, but Harvard.

The selective college used to be ‘golden ticket’ to that high-paying career for life and to guarantee a charmed existence.  That’s what we want for our kids. 

So are Harry, Hermione and Ron making the right decision?

They would get a great education!  But wouldn’t the wizarding career require additional specialization?

Would they be faced with a school full of competitive, rich Malfoy’s?

Would networking with those families really get them jobs?

If Hogwarts were an elite college, Professors Snape and McGonagall would have to research and publish. So, undergrads would be taught by Cedric and Ron’s brothers. Who teaches and who mentors at your college top choices? Harvard would have been an amazing educational, learning experience, even if lacking needed specialization and experience opportunities to get hired in the wizarding world. Their lives would certainly not have been ruined going to ‘Harvard’–unless one looks at the impact of huge debt, especially on Ron, and moderate debt on Hermione.

Selective colleges really were the easy magical solution for the charmed future.  They were.  But now, with jobs in all fields need specialization, there are many pathways to a ‘best education’ that will lead to being hired.

Author of What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions, college admissions planner Christie Barnes will help parents and students to cut through the noise and find the best school. Barnes will walk parents and teens through a top planning toolkit to find their student’s own ‘Hogwarts’ and beyond.  


Christie Barnes is best known for her acclaimed Paranoid Parents Guides, countering what parents perceive as worries and dangers with facts and statistics to focus their parenting efforts. She has appeared on ABC, NPR, in Forbes, the New York Times, Reader’s Digest and other outlets helping worried parents.  Over ten years ago, she founded a company advising parents on specific career fields, from acting to engineering to zoology, and is a department of education-certified ‘career conversationalist’ customizing students’ high school and college pathways to high-paying careers.  


Pamela Winslow Kashani enjoys wearing many hats. As an actor she created the roles of Ensign McKnight on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the original Rapunzel in Into the Woods on Broadway. As a producer she won a Drama Desk Award for the Broadway revival of Hair in 2009, in 2010 gained another Drama Desk, an Outer Critic’s Circle and Tony Award for the Best Musical Memphis and co-produced the four-time Tony winner An American in Paris. As co-founder and Artistic Director of Apples and Oranges and through its THEATRE ACCELERATOR Pamela helps “take the starving out of artist” using Silicon Valley principles to empower creative minds. With the help of community and a plethora of online resources she homeschooled her son Timothy from birth to high school graduation and is proud to now see him begin his freshman year at his first-choice college: University of California, Irvine.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About College Admissions

How to Prepare Your Child to Succeed in College and Life─With a Step-by-Step

College planning re-examined. All economic levels are getting vastly incorrect information for college and career planning, leading to anxiety-ridden youth and crippling student debt. Less affluent students are being led to more expensive options and high achievers feel compelled to apply for college at the most prestigious institutions. But, whether it’s a state school, safety school, or public school―there are other options beside an overpriced private school. It could be, but it might not be.

A guidance counselor for parents. Learn that it’s not just about the “right” college, it’s about the “right fit” college. Using statistics, experts, and multi-factor analysis to clarify what should and should not be a worry in college planning, Barnes helps parents identify better, and often overlooked, options. In this guide, she dissects the top ten parental worries about  how to get into college, including college applications, college admissions, college requirements, and college acceptance.

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