Faeries are Real: Connect with their Magic, Power & Joy

Dr. Paula Joyce interviews (author of Living the Faery Life) Dr. Kac Young on nourishing the soul with faeries.

Episode Description

Kac writes: “In either this life or a past incarnation, faeries became one with the purest energy and spirit of creation and now travel through the gates between the material and spiritual worlds, bringing ancient knowledge with them. They live in a reality where their souls are connected to what the ancients knew and we have forgotten. Their role is to bring that awareness back to us, and they will stay as long as it takes for us to believe. It may seem to us that they perform acts of magic, but the truth is we are all capable of magic and we are simply out of the practice of using our primordial gifts. Faeries can only exist where and when people believe in magic. What do you believe?” Stories of faeries are prevalent in cultures across the world from ancient times to present. Please join us Thursday to learn the rules of faery life, what trees and plants attract faeries, and rituals to connect with faeries and experience the wisdom and magic they can bring into our lives.

Living the Faery Life

A Guide to Connecting with the Magic, Power and Joy of the Enchanted Realm

You are cordially invited to begin your magical relationship with the faery world. Many of the things we believe about faeries are old wives’ tales, made-up myths, and invented stories to satisfy cultural curiosity. Here, you will learn how to separate myth from truth and discover how to create your private faery kingdom.

Learn the rules of faery life and reconnect with nature. Discover how to make a faery garden, what particular trees and plants attract faery folk, and rituals you can perform to connect with the faery realms. Even if you are not yet a fully-fledged “Faery Believer,” a walk in the outdoors will never be the same once you have been touched by the wisdom and enchantment of Living the Faery Life.

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