Farrah Alexander Interview with Today’s Woman

Raising the Resistance author Farrah Alexander was recently interviewed by Today’s Woman where she discussed her book and her history of social activism, take a look!

A Gift for Moms

Local author Farrah Alexander became captivated by the intricacies of politics at a young age. “My interest began when I was in high school. Before I was old enough to vote, I was campaigning,” she says. Her fascination continued into adulthood, and now as the mother of two young children, her focus has shifted to the “intersection between parenting and politics.” This is how her debut book Raising the Resistance: A Mother’s Guide to Practical Activism was born.

Farrah grew up in the Louisville area and has always had a passion for writing. After the election of 2016, she says, “I wanted to get more involved in politics and had an interest in activism.” So she turned her focus to exploring the connection between motherhood and political activism. “As a mother I felt a duty to step up and influence the future in which I was raising my children.” It was in this spirit of activism that Raising the Resistance took shape.

Farrah’s book is for any mom out there “who has any interest in political activism — whether they’re just getting started or they want to deepen their involvement.” Raising the Resistance discusses “everything from feminism, body positivity, toxic masculinity, to political representation.” These are subjects in which she has always taken a keen interest, but now she’s able to take all her acquired knowledge and research and place it into one empowering book. “I’m very proud to write this book for women who inspire me so much,” Farrah says.

If at first glance these topics feel daunting to dive into, there’s no need to worry. Farrah employs an inspiring, easy-to-read style that makes the reader eager to turn the page. At the end of each chapter, there are tips that “can apply to any parenting style and that are easy for moms to do,” Farrah says.

One way that Farrah encourages political activism is by voting. “That’s one of the most acceptable ways that we can influence politics right now, and I do think that it’s a form of political activism.” Modeling the act of voting for your children is a wonderful way to show them how our system of democracy works. “Involving them in the process is a good thing to do,” Farrah says. This act can even set up interest at an early age.

Another tip Farrah offers to moms wanting to become more politically active is to be honest with your kids about what’s happening in the world of politics. You can do this with younger kids as well as your teens. “I think it’s perfectly fine to talk about what’s going on in the world,” Farrah says. “You don’t have to burden them with any dark or serious topics, but they might have questions.” Being honest and age-appropriate with your answers is a good way to begin a dialogue that can continue for years.

Raising the Resistance: A Mother’s Guide to Practical Activism is available where books are sold and locally at Carmichael’s Bookstore.

If you’re the mother of a teenager and looking for a positive way to encourage activism, Farrah says you can begin by explaining in detail how the political process works. “One thing that happens is that young adults around voting age don’t vote because they feel like they don’t have enough information to vote,” Farrah says. She says that it’s especially important to talk about the entire voting process.

“My biggest goal in writing this book is to empower women and engage them in the political process in any way,” Farrah says.

P.S. Take a brisk family walk to ease your kids into talking.

Raising the Resistance

A Mother’s Guide to Practical Activism

On the intersection of feminism and motherhood. Mothers are a force to be reckoned with. And after the Women’s March and midterm elections, moms have surely secured their spot in today’s feminist movement. But for those who aren’t ready to make a bid for the presidency, the way forward can seem daunting and unclear. Whether it’s correcting a misinformed family member about gender equality or running for political office, this bold and accessible primer presents active parents with different types of activism they can incorporate into their parenting, no matter how big or small.

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