Feeding, Resting, or Nesting

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Feeding, Resting, or Nesting

Home. What does the word conjure up for you? What feelings, memories, scents, and sounds instantly pop into your head as you say the word to yourself aloud? I have images of my mother baking in the kitchen with the largest wooden bakers’ wooden board I had ever seen, the flour flying and the rolling pin’s repetitive sounds on the hard wood underneath. “Tap, tap,click click, click, swoosh.” We kids knew a pie or Hungarian pastries would appear later on that day after the sounds, sights, and smells greeted our sensory centers. There was always a radio or small tv on in the kitchen to keep my mother company if she did all of her amazing kitchen work when we were still sleeping. A greeting of, “Good morning Cocoa Puff!” was accompanied by a big squeeze to her bosom, and I would catch a whiff of of mint gum and stale cigarette smoke escaping her mouth simultaneously.

I recently read that certain species of birds fly back yearly to their home place, even through dangerous conditions and thousands of miles of travel. Why? It has the feeling of home. Birds’ senses are so keen that a certain combination speaks “home” to them. When they do go home, it is like a spa vacation of sorts. They are feeding, resting, or nesting. Nesting is creating a and preparing the home for their young to come. When the young are then hatched, nesting means sheltering and caring for their babies. No wonder they come back yearly! It holds the same nostalgia instinctively that we try and wax poetic upon as humans.

This week, I would like you to feed, rest, and nest in your home. I would like you to go down memory lane and enjoy the path that brought you to where you are today. Go home.

What does home mean to you? I want to hear from you!
KJ Landis

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