Fire Agate

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of Mystical Crystals) knows which stone you should be using to ignite that fiery passion in you.

This interesting specimen has small, thin layers that allow light to fill them with what is known as fire. Really, the effect occurs due to the inclusions of very thin layers of iridescent limonite, which cause the light to refract in differing colors. Fire agate is formed when silica-laden water is heated and mixed with iron oxide, filling the cracks between the rocks and then cooling into this interesting stone. Most often found in India, Iceland, Brazil, North America, and the Czech Republic, fire agate needs to be cut in just such a way to feature the layers; one wrong cut and the fire agate is ruined. The process of cutting fire agate is a reversal of Mother Nature’s process.

Fire agate is favored for its iridescent appearance; some believe it is the physical manifestation of the spiritual flame, one of absolute perfection. Fire agate brings the wearer courage and the ability to fend off fear. The fire inside this agate provides a protective shield that actually sends fright back to its source. Fire agate causes a sense of calm and a greater connection to the planet. It is a very useful mind-clearing stone for meditation. Fire agate is wonderfully conductive to introspection, helping to bring deep-seated issues to the surface so they can be examined in the clear light of day. Orange stones are thought to be the most powerful for their high degree of stimulation and for their ability to reveal the hidden.

Fire agate brings out the best in you with this positive, cardinal energy; it propels you forward for advancement in both the spiritual sense and in the real world of work and success. Fire agate can be placed upon the meridians of the body in the same way an acupuncturist or acupressure healer lays on hands. In this way, any sensory blockage can be cleared away, and nervous and circulatory issues can be dealt with.

This is a healer’s stone—the companion for doctors, shamans, and dentists, and psychologists. It is also a cleansing agent of the stomach and glands and is great for the eyes, even said to improve night vision. And, as one might guess with fire, this agate is a sexuality stone. So, light the flame within with fearless agate. Make sure you’re sporting this sexy gem when you are planning a big seduction! 

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