For the Beauty of Beauty

Charlene Costanzo (author of The Twelve Gifts From the Garden) praises the beauty of nature growing all around us.

“I like to praise and reward loudly…”  – Catherine the Great 

May we be like Catherine the Great today.  Let’s notice things that we appreciate and admire in others and let them know. Big things as well as little things. No holding back. 

Authentic praise is like water for flowers. It helps us to grow and blossom when we give it and when we receive it. 

For the beauty of beauty, 


May your deeds reflect its depth.  
from The Twelve Gifts of Birth
Celebrating 20 Years

The Twelve Gifts from the Garden

Life Lessons for Peace and Well-Being

Translating the beauty of botany. If you look closely, plants sprout with willpower and bloom with determination. Drawing from the beautiful nature of trees and flowers, Charlene crafts garden-inspired messages from her experiences with healing and understanding. Inside, find quotes, reflections, and bonus material:

  • Pen-and-ink line drawings with illustrations of flowers, leaves, and garden plants
  • Charlene’s Twelve Gifts resource and lessons learned in the garden
  • An epilogue from two other locales─Sedona, AZ and St. John, VI

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