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Do you ever find yourself in an idyllic vacation spot and thinking to yourself “what if I could live here when I retire?” It may be a mountain hamlet, a seaside village, or a thriving metropolis. Different locations appeal to different people. I’m not attracted to large cities, but I have friends who wouldn’t live anywhere else and like to experience cities elsewhere on the globe. Others want to see the beaches of the world and swim in exotic waters. And on it goes, with infinite twists on the theme of going somewhere new for some period of time.

Maybe the idea of living full-time in another country is not appealing, but what about a part-time change of scenery? You probably already know people who call themselves “snowbirds,” making the trek to a condominium or cottage in a more hospitable climate for the winter months. Some of them may already be part-time “expats” if their winter location is Mexico or Costa Rica as opposed to Florida or Arizona. Most of those snowbirds eventually find the twice-a-year trek too cumbersome to manage and they decide to stay put in one place or the other, but the part-time routine gives them a chance to have a deeper experience than a vacation and many ultimately choose the more exotic of the two locales. 

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