Foreword By His Holiness The Dalai Lama For God And Love On Route 80 by Dr. Stephen G. Post

The Dalai Lama has written a foreword for Dr. Stephen G. Post’s book, God and Love on Route 80.

“An excessive focus on materialism and the neglect of spiritual values such as love, compassion, and generosity have, I believe, prevented us from realizing our potential as a human society. While technological and scientific advancements have contributed to a better quality of life for many, the lack of attention to our inner lives is reflected in the persistent and pervasive emotional troubles and the growing socio-economic and ideological divides at the root of so many of the problems affecting us today.

Various spiritual traditions and thinkers have, for millennia, recognized that an understanding of the nature and function of consciousness, and an appreciation of the interdependent nature of our world, are fundamental to human flourishing.

However, it is only in recent decades that modern science has begun to address these topics. It has been my privilege to explore these ideas with leading physicists, neuroscientists and other thinkers. It has been very encouraging to me to see the real possibility for a convergence of science and spirituality to benefit humanity.

As there is still much work to be done in this area, I’m pleased to see that the noted author Dr. Stephen Post is addressing themes such as consciousness and interconnectedness in his new book, God and Love on Rt 80. It is my hope that this book will contributed to the flourishing of humanity.”

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God and Love on Route 80 by Stephen G. Post

god and love on route 80

The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness (

Once every generation comes a book so revelatory and lucid, it reconnects us to our very souls. Stephen G. Post’s God and Love on Route 80 is such a book. Post, lead author of the bestselling When Good Things Happen to Good People, was the perfect child and A-student until he took off in the family car, compelled by a persistent vision, his “blue angel dream.” Crossing America on Route 80, his unlikely adventure culminates in a shocking encounter that sets the stage for the rest of his life, a path connected by synchronicities which Post perceived as guidance from God and proof of humanity’s fundamental oneness, Infinite Mind. Truly a story for the ages, God and Love on Route 80 touches on the essential meaning of life and the messages we may all miss unless we begin paying close attention.

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