Founder Rosenthal’s book now available at Octavia Books in New Orleans

Check out this post with Sandy Rosenthal author of Words Whispered in Water

Today, founder Sandy Rosenthal’s book hits the shelves at Octavia Books (513 Octavia Street) in New Orleans. 

Words Whispered in Water: Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina (Mango Publishing) documents how the Army Corps of Engineers spent millions––in cooperation with the media––to fool the American public on why New Orleans flooded in 2005. 

Rosenthal is well-known in New Orleans for her role leading the grassroots group in search of the true culprit in the disastrous flooding during Hurricane Katrina.

On Tuesday August 11 from 10-6, obeying covid rules, Rosenthal will be available outside Octavia Books (corner of Laurel and Octavia) to sign copies of her book. 

The book is selected by Publishers Weekly in Politics and Current Events for Fall of 2020. It has also been a #1 New Release on for 26 weeks. 

The book arrives on time for the 15th anniversary of the flooding disaster which took 1,577 lives according to the National Hurricane Center.

Those wanting a signed copy shipped to them can use this link.

Words Whispered In Water

Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina

It’s a horror story, a mystery, and David and Goliath story all in one. In 2005, the entire world watched as a major U.S. city was nearly wiped off the map. The levees ruptured and New Orleans drowned. But while newscasters attributed the New Orleans flood to “natural catastrophes” and other types of disasters, citizen investigator Sandy Rosenthal set out to expose the true culprit and compel the media and government to tell the truth. This is her story.

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