Freeform Friday: A Mango Publishing Trio

Check out these three Mango book reviews!

The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects by Emily Prokop
You’re Going to Survive by Alexandra Franzen  
The Origins of Names, Words, and Everything in Between by Patrick Foote

You’re going to survive

True stories about adversity, rejection, defeat, terrible bosses, online trolls, 1-star Yelp reviews, and other soul-crushing experiences—and how to get through it

Life involves adversity: No matter what kind of career you’ve chosen, you’re going to deal with discouragement, frustration, and situations that are, shall we say, “less than ideal.” It could be a hysterical client who’s demanding a refund. Or a book that gets rejected…48 times and counting. Or a job interview that goes nowhere. Or watching your best friend get the exciting promotion that you wanted. Or a vicious one-star review that rattles your self-esteem and makes you question your talent, your identity, everything. When that moment arrives, open this book.

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