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Mark Thompson (author of Making Vegan Meat) has something for all to eat in terms of healthy plant-based recipes.

Making Vegan Meat
Mark Thompson
c/o Mango Publishing
9781642506006, $19.95 hc/$8.69 Kindle Cookbook/dp/1642506001

You do not have to be Vegan to enjoy “Making Vegan Meat” The recipes contained all sound like scrumptious meals that are healthy for all of us to enjoy. There are substitutes for chicken, bacon, eggs, roast beef, and a whole slew of other enticing foods. Filled with wonderful photos that seduce you to taste all the magnificent concoctions, “Making Vegan Meat” is a celebration of nourishing delicious eating.

Making Vegan Meat

The Plant-Based Food Science Cookbook

To all food lovers and enthusiasts out there. Making Vegan Meat is a staple cookbook for kitchens where home cooks, professional chefs, foodies, vegans, vegetarians, and the vegan curious can find super vegan meat recipes. Foodie, food scientist. and YouTuber Mark “Sauce Stache” Thompson shows you a multitude of filling vegan dishes to deeply satisfy your tastebuds.

Nutritious, creative, plant-based recipes. Step out of your comfort zone and have fun with healthier, delicious, plant-based cuisine, from mouthwatering BBQ ribs made from mushrooms to crispy bacon from a daikon radish. You will have your dinner guests exclaiming, “Wait! That’s a vegetable?”

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