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Back From the Future by Brad Gilmore is reviewed on Midwest Book Review.

Back From The Future A Celebration Of The Greatest Time Travel Story Ever Told
Brad Gilmore
Mango Publishing
9781642502053, $19.95 pbk/ $13.49 Kindle

Since they came out “Back To The Future” movies have always been popular. Now with the publication of “Back From The Future” they are even more so as author Brad Gilmore takes the reader behind the scenes to reveal many unknown facts and information until now. For instance, Michael J. Fox was the first choice for the character he played but was unable able to do so until later. Another actor was hired who filmed a number of scenes. There have been many attempts to bring other film projects as well as well as lots of marketing. Gilmore has a fans keen eye on a lot of things are fun trivia “Back From The Future “creates a new perspective to enhance viewing pleasure of all the flicks when viewed again.

Back From The Future by Brad Gilmore

Back From The Future

A Celebration of the Greatest Time Travel Story Ever Told

The history of the films, cartoons, toys, and more. The Back to the Future series is a timeless collection that is greatly revered by all audiences. The beauty of this book by Brad Gilmore is that it doesn’t present the history of the film as textbook information. Gilmore discusses these films from a place of passion and so effectively reveals how the history behind the movies is just as engaging as the films themselves.

From a fan for fans. Gilmore, a radio and television host, also happens to be a die-hard fan of the movies. As a fan speaking to fellow fans, Gilmore dives into fan theories and provides the answers to all the questions readers could possibly have—because they are the very questions he himself has asked.

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