Gather Your Guardians: A Simple Home Shrine

If something has you feeling edgy or overwhelmed, there is an easy way to deal with it. Create a shrine at the source of your stress. If it is a too heavy workload, use your desk. If it is the onslaught of bad news from cable news, place it near the TV. My friends bent over laughing when they saw an army of goddesses in front of the TV recently but they also took notes as I explained how well it worked. Gather together:

 1 deity of your choice, god or goddess who can be your guardian

 Sage for smudging and a fireproof dish

1 black and 1 white crystal: obsidian absorbs negative; white quartz emits the positive

1 black votive candle, 1 votive white candle; these small glass votives burn 3 hours

Small bowl with a half cup of saSet up your shrine by placing the ritual implements on a table, shelf or a flat surface the area of your choosing. Put the black crystal by the black candle and the white candle by the white one.  Light both candles and use black candle to light the sage. Go around the newly designated shrine room or area with the sage for a good smudging. Put the sage in the fireproof dish. Now, take up your broom and with light strokes, sweep the shrinespace thoroughly and take the negative energy out the front door. Extinguish both the sage and the white candle and place it on your permanent altar; if you don’t have one place them in an area where you will see them regularly such as your nightstand. Let the black candle burn down safely in the glass votive container and discard the remains outside your home. Get the bowl of salt and place the black crystal into to cleanse it of unwanted energies. Leave the white crystal by the guardian deity overnight.  When the new day arrives, thank the deity for protection and leave the statue and the whitecrystal on your permanent altar, nightstand or wherever you prefer so you are reminded of protective and positive energy.  Take the black crystal out of the salt and leave it on the shrine. Pour the salt on your front step and sweep that away. Now, savor the serene feeling. 

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