Get Your Ice Cubes Ready… It’s Iced Tea Month!

Lu Ann Pannunzio (author of Tea-spiration) alerts us that it is iced tea month- let’s celebrate the occasion with her.

Happy June, 

A new month is here and I can feel summer arriving where I am. That means it’s time to add iced steeps to my days. 

To celebrate National Iced Tea Month I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite iced tea and iced tea latte recipes with you throughout June.  

Let’s get started with a simple guide on how to make iced tea at home! I love using the flash chill method. It allows you to serve yourself and others a thirst quenching glass in just 10 minutes or less. 

See below!


Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers

The tea lovers book: Tea-spiration aims to create a quiet movement where one can experience devotions, comfort, inspiration and the simple joys of life. Tea drinkers know that tea, the wonderful drink, can help them slow down and savor life’s moments.

Each page of Tea-spiration is filled with feelings and moments (big or small) that tea enhances; simple joys that not everyone may notice or take the time to savor. Sometimes all you really need is a cup, water and some leaves to create your own wonderful cup of tea experience.

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