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This season, opt out of wallets, colognes, and endless grilling gear with books from Mango’s Gifts for Dads That Have Everything.  Whether it’s your favorite uncle or a new father-in-law, it seems that every year we all struggle to answer the same question– what do I get a dad that has everything?  

Let’s be real: all dads are different. Some dads like to enjoy a nice bourbon by the lake while others may like to enjoy a nice time in the wild with their dogs. This holiday season, give the dad in your life a gift as unique as he is. Whether he’s an Outdoorsy Dad, a Nerdy Dad, or a Millennial Dad, the team at Mango Publishing has an endless list of books for dads that love movies, nature, business, science, cooking, and so much more. So if you’re stuck on finding all of the perfect gifts for dads that have everything then please keep reading!

We all know the Outdoorsy Dad: he likes to explore nature, fire up the barbecue, and craft cool creations. Get the 5 Ingredient Meals to help this dad make simple meals and Real Life Organizing to encourage him to keep both his toolbox and home life spotless.

The Nerdy Dad knows about everything under the sun and then some. Pull him apart and you’ll see that he’s made up of endless trivia, literature, space, and history facts. With The Deep Enders, he’ll embark on a fun and fantastical journey full of adventure, history, and friendship. 

If he’s committed to his dogs, society, parenting styles, and leadership strategies then he’s most likely a Millennial Dad. He can continue to build and support his good habits with the  7 Habits Guided Journal. If you want a book to inspire his passion for equality, he’ll love reading The Book of Awesome Women and ABCs of LGBT.  

The team at Mango Publishing asked and answered the question of, what do I get a dad that has everything? so you don’t have to! With the help of Mango’s Gifts for Dads That Have Everything Booklist, you’ll find some of the best books for dads. 

Go ahead, and click the gift guide that best describes the dad in your life.