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Interest in toys wanes with little ones, but kids pull their favorite books from the shelves time and again. Let’s take the challenge out of finding unique gift ideas for kids who have everything. Children appreciate mindful gift experiences for kids  that often don’t cost a thing. A truly special and memorable gift for your child is quality time spent with you. Creating a special occasion surrounded by the theme of a good book is not only fun and exciting, but also provides an opportunity for learning. 

The Gift of Adventure

Your young adventure seeker will be thrilled to learn the wonders of the earth with MinuteEarth Explains: How Did Whales Get So Big?. Pairing this book gift with a day trip to your local aquarium or natural history museum is one the more unique gifts for kids. You’ll be all set for an awesome gift of adventure with these creative gifts for kids. You and your child can also  travel back in time with Dino Dana and hang out with dinosaurs such as Giantosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Package this fabulous field guide with a fossil excavation kit for fun and interactive tween boy gifts or tween girl gifts. Your young paleontologist-in-training will love it!

The Gift of Equality

Every parent wants to watch their child turning into a kind and empathetic human. The Book of Awesome Girls is filled with stories of empowerment, featuring heroes of all ages who inspire future generations. Books like this are great tween girl gifts for the girls in your life who are all about girl power or amazing tween boy gifts to nurture kind and understanding young men. Combine this empowering book with theater tickets that feature strong female characters such as Wonder Woman. Or you can RSVP to a local bookstore’s reading from a female author your tween looks up to. The opportunities to be inspired are perfect gifts for kids with everything. 

Reading books and acitiving gifts for kids can allow your tween to experience time travel. Present your child with the gift of equality and the gift of adventure as they travel from one time period to the next within the pages of Young Trailblazers. They will meet historical black pioneers who accomplished remarkable things forever changing the course of history. Encourage your tweens to dream big with unique gifts for kids such as a trip to an art exhibit featuring black artists, tickets to a WNBA game or a meal at a black owned restaurant in town. 

The book of Awesome Girls by Becca Anderson cover
The Book of Awesome Girls
(ages 11 and up)
Becca Anderson
Civil Rights Then and Now by Kristina Brooke cover
Civil Rights Then and Now
(ages 9-12+)
Woo! Jr.
Young Trailblazers by M.J. Fievre cover
Young Trailblazers
(ages 8-12)
M.J. Fievre & Kim Balacuit

The Gift of Imagination

Gift for kids who have everything can simply be books and activities that allow their imaginations to run wild. One Bee Too Many is a beautifully illustrated book that explores delicate topics, including differences, prejudice and tolerance. Create a writing prompt where your kid can imagine what it would be like to be different. Maybe they will imagine they are moving to another country and haven’t made any friends at school yet. Putting themselves in someone else’s shoes is not only a practice of imagination, but can also be a lesson of tolerance and understanding. This is an opportunity for you to get creative with this gift of imagination! 

If you’re looking for tween girl gift ideas, She’s Building a Robot is an inspirational gift of imagination for girls who love STEM. Your tween will follow the adventures of AZ as she takes part in a robotics competition. Couple this awesome book with tuition to a coding course or tools for building a robot of her own. These gifts will stir your young innovator’s curiosity and imagination 

She's Building a Robot by Mick Liubinskas cover
She’s Building a Robot
(ages 8-12)
Mick Liubinskas
One Bee Too Many by Andres Pi Andreu & Kim Amate cover
One Bee Too Many
(ages 9-12)
Andrés Pi Andrew & Kim Amate
Gross Book of Riddles for Kids by Woo! Jr. cover
Gross Book of Riddles
(ages 5-9)
Woo! Jr.

The Gift of Art

Treat your child to the gift of art by empowering them to work independently on creative projects. Our children’s activity books are designed as boredom busters that ignite curiosity, creativity, and accelerate your child’s love for learning while having fun. The Cute Book of Kawaii Coloring is really a darling gift for all ages. You’ll find tons of Kawaii stuff to relax and delight in inside this cute coloring book that also features beginner’s Japanese words. Pair it with a trip to a Japanese market so your child can hear some of the words they are learning in practice and appreciate Japanese culture. These are lovely gifts for tween girls as well as wonderful gifts for tween boys in your life. 

The Big Book of Drawing fosters confidence in a child’s artistic ability. You do not have to go outside of the house to create experience gifts for kids.  Wrap up this best selling activity book with art canvases, paint pots and a new brush set. Lay down a tarp and watch your child use their imagination to create masterpieces they are proud to share!

Big Book of Drawing by Woo! Jr. cover
Big Book of Drawing
(ages 6 and up)
Woo! Jr.
The Cute Book of Kawaii Coloring by WooJr cover
Cute Book of Kawaii Coloring
(ages 6 and up)
Woo! Jr.
The Cute Book Of Kawaii Drawing by Woo! Jr. cover
Cute Book of Kawaii Drawing
(ages 8 and up)
Woo! Jr.
The Animal Drawing Book For Kids by Woo! Jr. cover
Animal Drawing Book for Kids
(ages 9-12+)
Woo! Jr.
Natasha Vera

“Kids books offer an escape from the tough world of growing up and allow them a safe space to dream and experience other worlds.”

—Natasha Vera, Associate Editor and Head of Scouting

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