Gifts for New Dads, Dog Dads, and Shark Tank Fans

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The Millennial Dad

The Millennial Dad is never truly childless. This generation of technically-inclined, family-centric fathers value their hobbies and furry companions like a baby. From spending meaningful time with their dogs (Becoming A Dog Chef), preparing for fatherhood (Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety), and rounding out their investments (Basics of Bitcoins), they’ll appreciate these fun gifts for millennial dads, gifts for dog dads and informative books for new dads! For new dads wanting to build up an awesome booklist for their little one or need some advice on parenting, our Parenting booklist makes the perfect resource guide.

Gifts for Dads Who Are Socially Conscious

To raise the next activist, your dad has to learn about past and present culture shifts (Book of Awesome Women Writer), (Book of Awesome Black Americans). Take his feminist knowledge to the next level with (Future of Science is Female, Book of Awesome Women), and expose him to the powerful history of BIPOC immigrants (Unsung America). After you’ve equipped him with the knowledge of a true ally, seal the deal with a helpful guide to our post-binary world of inclusivity and equity (ABCs of LGBTQ).

Book of Awesome Women Writers by Becca Anderson cover
Book of Awesome Black Americans by Monique L. Jones cover
The ABCs of LGBTQ by Ashley Mardell cover
Unsung America by Prerna Lal cover
Book of Awesome Women by Becca Anderson cover
Future of Science is Female by Zara Stone cover
ABCs of LGBT+ Guided Journal by Ash Hardell cover

Gifts for Dads Who Are Breaking Generational Trauma

If the fathers in your life are the kind to comfort you whenever you need it, these gifts for millennial dads are perfect for him. Show him that you recognize his efforts (Communication Miracles for Couples, Dads For Daughters). Present him with new affirmations for the grandkids (Raising Confident Black Kids) or reassure him with affirmations for himself (Modern Manners for Moms and Dads). Raising pre-teens, now, can be a battle as twelve is the new Terrible Twos (Parenting the New Teen).

Raising Confident Black Kids by M.J. Fievre cover
Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety by John Duffy cover
Communication Miracles for Couples by Jonathan Robinson cover
Modern Manners for Moms and Dads by Evie Granville cover
Dads for Daughters by Michelle Travis cover

Gifts for Dog Dads

With their fur babies deserve some holiday love, gifts for dog dads are just as important. Give him a hand for a pup-inclusive holiday dinner (Becoming a Dog Chef). Enlighten him on fun ways to engage his companion on walks and at the park (Tricks in the City, My Dog My Buddha). After the holidays, they can decompress from the stress with some shared self-care (Chew This Journal).

Becoming a Dog Chef by Kevyn Matthews cover
Tricks in the City by Sassafras Lowrey cover
My Dog My Buddah by Kimberly Artley cover
Chew this Journal by Sassafras Lowrey cover

Gifts for Dads Who Binge ‘Shark Tank’

The dads in our lives find niche hobbies to cling onto. For the millennial dad, he finds comfort in investment. That can come in the form of self-investment (7 Habits Guided Journal. 7 Habits Card Deck, Your Leadership Moment, The Entrepreneur’s Paradox, Management Mess) or financial (Basics of Bitcoins, Finance Secrets of Billion Dollar Entrepreneurs). Whichever his preference, show him that there’s a simpler way to reach new heights with his hobby (Myth of Multitasking, Marketing Mess).

7 Habits of Highly Effective People Guided Journal by Stephen R. Covey cover
7 Habits of Highly Effective People Card Deck by Dr. Stephen R. Covey cover
Management Mess to Leadership Success by Scott Jeffrey Miller cover
Marketing Mess to Brand Success by Scott Jeffrey Miller cover
Your Leadership Moment by Eric Martin cover
Finance Secrets of Billion Dollar Entrepreneurs by Dileep Rao cover
Entrepreneurs Paradox by Curtis Morley cover
The Myth of Multitasking by Dave Crenshaw cover
The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains by Antony Lewis cover

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