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The Outdoorsy Dad

The Outdoorsy Dad can be found out in the wild and his gifts usually complement his grill, baseball bat, or beer. If this dad likes to stay fit (Functional Training), go hiking (Surviving the Wild), create gourmet dishes (Making Vegan Meat), or get lost in the secret world of the outdoors (In Defense of Plants), they’ll enjoy these gifts for outdoorsmen, crafters, and foodies.

Gifts for Dads Who Love to Be Outdoor

Mango has the best gifts for outdoorsmen of all kinds. Does your dad feel at home in mother nature? Help him gain even more confidence in the wilderness (Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You) or teach him how to start a fire for the next camping trip (Surviving the Wild). If he’s an outdoor dad, gift him a copy of In Defense of Plants to learn about the intricacies of plants. Finding an Outdoor dad gift doesn’t have to be hard, Mango has a ton of books on all things outdoors. The best piece of advice we’ve got when it comes to getting the best gifts for outdoorsman? Always look towards nature.

If your dad likes to be active in the gym, on the court, or in the field, these action-packed books make perfect gifts for the outdoorsy dad. Level up his workouts with Functional Training. For all the dads out there that revel in baseball history and trivia, grab him a copy of Picturing America’s Pastime or  So You Think You Know Baseball. Your dad would be proud to get one of these gifts for outdoorsmen. The great outdoors wouldn’t be great without a drink in hand. Our books would also make great beer gifts for dad. Pick up Beer School, which provides a crash course in all things beer. Camping and Beer go hand and hand and make a great Outdoor dad gift. For more outdoorsy gifts, our Picnic in the Park booklist has all you need for the perfect outdoor events.

Functional Training and Beyond by Adam Sinicki cover
Cover of Picturing America's Pastime by the National Baseball Hale of Fame (smaller version)
So You Think You Know Baseball
Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You by Rob Nelson cover
Surviving the Wild by Joshua Enyart cover
In Defense of Plants by Matt Candeias cover
Beer School by Jonny Garrett cover

Gifts for Dads Who Love Food

Is food your dad’s love language? Do you have precious memories of sharing meals with him? Or does your dad just love to eat? Mango has a delicious book list full of food gifts for dad. We all have to eat, so food books make great gifts for dads who have everything. Keep it real simple with 5 Ingredient Meals. Help dad stay lean with Keto Meal Prep or Eating Well to Win. Break bread with your dad with Bread Baking Basics. Fire up the barbecue with Buns and Burgers and All About the Burger. Explore America’s fast food culture with Food Americana. Maybe your dad has a plant based diet, share some savory vegan recipes with Making Vegan Meat.

5 Ingredient Meals by Bobby Parrish & Dessi Parrish cover
Keto Meal Prep by Bobby Parrish cover
Bread Baking Basics by Gregory Berger cover
Buns and Burgers by Gregory Berger cover
Food Americana by David Page cover
Eating Across America by Daymon Patterson cover
All About the Burger by Sef Gonzalez cover
Making Vegan Meat by Mark Thompson cover

Gifts for Dads Who Love Crafts

If you’re looking to find  gifts for outdoorsmen, craft gifts for dads are the perfect gesture. Does he relish in the unmatched quality of a craft cocktail or artisanal brew?  Is he both an enjoyer and creator of nice things?  Inspire him to mold his own pottery, or craft him a handmade mug, with Practical Pottery. Show him how to repurpose his old phone, computer, tablet and more with Upcycled Technology.

If he appreciates a good drink, gift dad the ultimate guide to craft beer with Beer School. If you’re tired of beer gifts, teach dad how to spice up his craft cocktails with Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes.  Perhaps your grandfather is a Star Wars stan or your father-in-law is a Game of Thrones Thronie. If so, Drink Like a Geek provides superb pairings of drinks and pop culture phenomena.

Is your dad a man who just enjoys a good brew? Beer School totally makes the cut for being one of the best beer gifts for dads. Teach him how to become an expert when it comes to ordering the best beer at any bar or brewery. Any of these options would make great gifts for outdoorsmen! Want more Craft gifts for dad? Check out our Homer Simpson approved gift guide.

Practical Pottery by Jon Schmidt cover
Beer School by Jonny Garrett cover
Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes by Katie Stryjewski cover
Drink Like a Geek by Jeff Cioletti cover 2
Real Life Organizing by Cassandra Aarssen cover

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With the help of Mango’s Gifts for Dads That Have Everything Booklistyou’ll find some of the best books for dads.