#GoalChats on Passion Projects with Bridgitte Jackson-Buckley

On #GoalChats, Debra Eckerling (writer of Your Goal Guide) invites Mango author Bridgitte to share how Little Visioneers came to be from her mother’s COVID passion project.

On this week’s #GoalChatLive fellow Mango Publishing author Bridgitte Jackson-BuckleyThe Gift of Crisis, joined me to talk about her passion project – Little Visioneers bookshop … as well as her take on following your passion. Bridgitte shared how Little Visioneers came about, her mother’s COVID passion project, and much more.

When you are pursuing your passion – the things you enjoy – it makes you feel good. “When you are in a position of joy,” Bridgitte explained, “you can better emanate love … and that’s good for everybody!”

Bridgitte’s passion is connecting hearts! Her project – Little Visioneers – is her expression of it!

Seeking a Passion Project? Look at your interests. Be curious. Explore how you can do things differently and find a way to share it with others.

In most cases, passion projects are a marathon. You need to have patience, practice self-care, and watch it evolve.

“Don’t force things,” Bridgitte said. “Be heart-led.

“Small steps keep things moving forward. Follow the spiritual breadcrumbs.”

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Bonus Goals: Passion Projects

  • Visualize a dark road and turn on the headlights to show you what you need to do right now.
  • Stop stressing out. Enjoy the journey.
  • Trust Yourself

* * *

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