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Kate Allan (The Latest Kate), author of Thera-Pets, has a few encouraging words on how to understanding and validate depression while still moving forward with life.

It’s a difficult balance between understanding that depression exists as well as continually validating your own emotions, you know? I may FEEL like everything is ending, which is a real series of painful emotions that my body/mind actually experiences for real, but in that moment, my perceptions of myself, my life, and the world at large are not based in reality. My perceptions are hideously negative and cruel, which means it’s my electric meat misfiring. And that’s frustrating. So that’s where this checklist comes in handy for me– it’s all about trying to meet the needs of the person who is in distress and help them understand why their brain may be struggling. And in my experience, having some compassionate common sense added to the situation can make a world of difference.

I hope you find this checklist helpful, too. And if not, please just know you’re not alone in struggling.

Good luck today! Not that you’ll need it. ♥

All My Best,


64 Emotional Support Animal Cards

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