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Kate Allan (The Latest Kate), author of You’re Strong, Smart, and You Got This, has a message on the importance of self-care, take a look.

Because of anxiety and depression, I personally have a very difficult time maintaining myself, so I started using a self-care calendar. Each day I write in markers whether I cooked, did laundry, worked out, read a book, etc. After months of this, I’ve found my mood baseline to be much closer to neutral than it’s ever been in my life.

Maintaining yourself may very well be the hardest aspect of your life, but you are absolutely worth it. And it’s okay to struggle– you’re definitely not alone.

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You’re Strong, Smart, and You Got This

Drawings, Affirmations, and Comfort to Help with Anxiety and Depression (Anxiety Relief Book)

Broaching the subject of mental health. It’s not easy to discuss mental health, even though it affects everyone. We want to believe we can handle anything that comes at us, but the reality is we all have good days and bad days. Because of this, it is important to check in with our mental health. Through guided illustrations, author Kate Allan opens the door to discussion about mental health in an approachable and unassuming manner.

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