Good Morning ♥

Kate Allan (The Latest Kate), author of It’s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful has a few encouraging words for anyone who is doubting themselves.

No matter what goes down today, you will handle it. You’re THE badass witch, you got this.

And, you don’t have to face life alone. There are a lot of us right here alongside you. ♥

All My Best,

It’s Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful

A Self-Acceptance Prompt Journal (Artist Journal with Cute Animals for Anxiety Relief)

Step into a state of mindfulness: Depression and anxiety are topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about, but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided. If anything, it means we need to be more aware and have more conversations about them. With the help of her adorable illustrations, art blogger Kate Allan (known through her remarkably popular Tumblr blog as “The Latest Kate”) urges us to be mindful of our mentality.

Work through anxiety and depression with the help of enlightening words: Allan, who suffers from anxiety and depression herself, understands what it’s like to deal with feelings that are difficult to fight through. In this book, she provides the personal kind of encouragement that she herself needs to hear. These encouraging words, along with writing prompts, can help readers sort through and express their feelings.

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