Good Morning

Check out this post by Kate Allan author of Therapets

Some suggestions: a tasty morning drink, a loooooong shower, a compliment towards yourself in the mirror (it may feel odd, but it’s a GOOD IDEA), giving your favorite album another listen, and watching something funny. *I personally really enjoyed the dry humor in this video on the history of Coney Island.
You really do deserve all the kindnesses you can get today, no matter what your mind may tell you.
All My Best,


64 Emotional Support Animal Cards

In this deck you’ll find 50 cards supporting mental wellness and self-care for those dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as:

  • Beautiful, whimsical, and colorful art
  • Expressions of encouragement for any hardship you face
  • A gentle guide for dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Cute animals that believe in you!

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