(Author of Mystical Crystals) Cerridwen Greenleaf introduces the Mango family to this stone of abundance.

Hawk’s-eye is an abundance stone. It can look very much like its namesake, the eye of the powerful bird. This under-known crystal is a darker version of tiger’s-eye. It occurs in South Africa, North America, India, and Australia and is branded like its brother stone. Hawk’s-eye has strong earth energy. It has the rare ability to calm and energize at the same time. While tiger’s-eye is about taking in the long view, hawk’s-eye is about taking the aerial vantage point, the detached viewpoint.

Hawk’s-eye has a blue-green glint, while tiger’s-eye is yellow gold. Both offer flashes of insight from different perspectives. In many cultures, hawks are the messengers of the gods. In the same way, you can hold this stone to your third eye or in the palm of your hand and ask for deep wisdom. Wait and listen, and the answer will come to you. I love this stone because it attracts not only wealth and material objects but also people who are good for you and bring advantageous connections. Hawk’s-eye is your solace when you are in real trouble and can’t see your way out. As a healer, it is good for the circulatory system, the legs, the bowels, and the eyes of course. Photographers, scientists, airline pilots, and anyone whose vision is essential to their success would do well to wear hawk’s-eye at work. 

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