Healing Sleep Meditation for Dealing With Illness or Injury

Julie Peters (author of Want) gives you tips for improving your health through a kind of meditation- sleep.

Allow yourself to rest with guided meditation as you recover.

Having trouble sleeping while your body is fighting a cold, working on an injury, or battling some other kind of illness? This gentle sleep meditation uses the element of water to help boost your immune system and allow your body to rest and get the healing you need to feel better.

Want more? Try Julie’s self-healing meditation for injury or illness.


8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault

Have the courage to heal. We know, increasingly, how common and devastating sexual violence is for women, but we don’t always talk about how survivors can recover from the trauma and return to desire, sexuality, trust, and pleasure. Want is the story of how Julie Peters did just that―and how you can, too.

Move past the fog of trauma.  In the years after the assault, Julie was in what she calls the fog of trauma: the colorless, tasteless experience of barely getting through the day. No one―not counsellors, support groups, or other survivors―could give her any advice about how to find the desire that could bring her back to joy, intimacy, and connection. She had to make it up on her own. In Want, Julie tells the story of getting from the devastation of trauma to living a full life in eight sometimes challenging, often bumbling, and occasionally delightful steps.

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