Healing Tip: Holding Gratitude for Their Lives

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Hello Friend,

As I wrote and did the research for The Sudden Loss Survival Guide, I collected thousands of quotes and read hundreds of books, and here is one of my favorite thoughts from author James Miller:

“This is the direction in which all grief naturally and eventually leads.

After the shock,
after the sorrow,
after the emptiness,
after the missing,
and after all the changing,
we come upon something that has been there all along,
but now we experience it in a clearer way:
the gratitude.

The gratitude that they lived,
that they walked this path beside us,
whatever the length of time,
that they looked up at the same stars
and down at the same earth,
whatever the number of times.

We know the gratitude for what they shared
with us while they could,
what they taught us,
knowingly or unknowingly,
what they brought out in us that has come to serve us well.

We can hold with gratitude
the fact that their spirit,
their essence has not gone away.

They left it here for us, within us,
for a day just like this day
for a life just like our life.”

How can you hold onto gratitude for their lives?

Much love to you,


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