Hit Life’s Green Lights: Matthew McConaughey

(Author of Marketing Mess to Brand Success) Scott Miller interviews Matthew McConaughey on his podcast, On Leadership with Scott Miller.

Academy Award Winner and recently minted bestselling author Matthew McConaughey shares his experience and wisdom about being present, the power of preparation, and the value of introspection.

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Preparation and Respect: Preparation is really about respect. The next time you’re faced with a deliverable of any type, consider uncharacteristically over-preparing and watch what happens around you.

The Abundance Mentality: Build your brand and reputation by avoiding scarcity.

Marketing Mess to Brand Success

30 Challenges to Transform Your Organization’s Brand

One man’s mistake is another man’s lesson. Don’t let Scott Miller’s success story fool you. He has made and learned from many mistakes in his career. Featuring thirty chapters with challenges like “A Name is Not a Lead” and “Hire People Smarter Than You,” Marketing Mess to Brand Success shares a career worth of horrifying mistakes, missteps, and lessons learned. Whether you’re starting a new company, figuring out the best brand strategy for a niche market, or trying to land your first job as a brand manager, this book is designed to prepare you for many of the inevitable challenges that you will encounter.

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