Honor Your Dreams, Doggone It!

Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Woman’s Book of Courage, has written a new blog post on why you need to always honor and follow your dreams, take a look.

Honor your dreams, doggone it!

In September, I had a brush with death. Thanks to family, friends, and skilled medical personnel–including my son, Brett, a former EMT and medical advocate par excellence–I am now doing great. In later blogs I hope to write about the sacredness of the experience, but today I want to share two takeaways. First, I am incredibly grateful to be alive and have a renewed sense of hope inspired by the compassion, kindness, and expertise I received from people who cared for and about me. I relearned that people; you, me, and the vast majority of us, are truly loving and want to be helpful! Second, having death whisper in my ear was a wake-up call to honor and act on my dreams sooner rather than later…or never. Before the crisis, I’d almost given up on my dream of having a little dog. The above picture is Zoe, a little yin/yang puppy coming to live with us a week from today. A puppy! At 80?! You’ve got to be kidding, right? Nope, although it may be the most outrageously optimistic venture I’ve ever undertaken, Zoe will be with us soon.

What are your dreams? Is there anything you’re trying to talk yourself out of because it isn’t practical, the right time, seems impossible, or you don’t feel you deserve it?

Dreams are soul-whispers,. Please honor yours and, as a result, yourSelf.

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