Honoring Women Make Film Day in L.A.- Featuring Alicia Malone

Alicia Malone, author of The Female Gaze, recently hosted a video chat on the “TCM Women Make Film Day”- watch the video here!

The Female Gaze by Alice Malone

The Female Gaze

Essential Movies Made by Women (Women in Film & Cinema, Women Filmmakers, Feminism and Film)

Movies with a female perspective: You may have heard the term “male gaze,” coined in the 1970s to talk about what happens to viewers when the majority of art and entertainment has been made by the one gender perspective. So, what about the opposite? Women have been making movies since the very beginning of cinema. What does the world look like through the “female gaze”?

Movies made by women: The Female Gaze comprises of a list detailing the essential movies from the past and present made by women. It delves into what the female perspective gives to each of the films.

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