A recent post by Eileen Campbell, author of The Woman’s Book of Hope from Conari Press.

The world is in shock, much of it in lockdown and curfew.  After devastating fires in Australia, floods in many parts of the world, and a massive infestation of locusts in East Africa, we now have a global epidemic of coronavirus spreading exponentially.  Much we’ve taken for granted is disintegrating and our way of life can no longer be as it was before.

Our current crises had to happen – we needed to wake up, for the way we have been living was unsustainable, and we are now at a turning point.  But in the face of fear and uncertainty, how can we be hopeful that we will get through this turmoil?  For many there is suffering, grief and anxiety; for others there are challenges of a kind they’ve never had to face before.  They may be feeling despair rather than hope.  Yet it is possible and necessary to make a conscious decision to be hopeful.  We achieve nothing if we give way to despair, and hope is always available to us, however difficult the circumstances.  We can choose to believe that a different way of living, one that is sustainable, fairer, more co-operative, and compassionate is possible.

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