Hope to the Universe

Melisa Caprio interviews fellow Mango author Maggie Shannon (writer of Have Hope) about her journey into the world of creativity.

Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, MA, is an ordained Unity minister, workshop and retreat facilitator, artist, and author of nine books including – Have Hope: 365 Encouraging Poems, Prayers, and Meditations for Daily Inspiration.

Some of her other books include Prayers for Healing; The Way We Pray: Prayer Practices from Around the World; Crafting Gratitude: Creating and Celebrating Our Blessings with Hands and Heart; and Crafting Love: Sharing Our Hearts through the Work of Our Hands.

Oman Shannon is the senior minister of Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco and has served as its spiritual leader since 2010. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and teenage daughter.

For more information: https://maggieomanshannon.com/

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Have Hope

365 Encouraging Poems, Prayers, and Meditations for Daily Inspiration

Inspirational words to help you navigate life’s challenges. Reverend Maggie Oman Shannon, M.A., spiritual leader of Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco, is the author of nine previous books that explore cross-cultural forms of prayer and spiritual practice. Now, for those of us dealing with events such as the global pandemic and with personal battles of life comes her latest book, Have Hope.

Daily affirmations for every need. Have Hope offers you daily affirmations and a hope-filled moment from history for each day. Now more than ever, we need inspirational words that can help create moments of peace. Through the everyday stress of your life, Have Hope is the perfect collection of prayers, meditations, and inspirational quotes that you can turn.

Postcards to the Universe

Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art, for Fans of Law of Attraction, Manifesting, or The Secret)

Open a conversation with the world around you: We have the ability to be in open communication with the Universe, the loving energy behind all creation. But do we listen to what the Universe has to say? Do we use our own voices to speak back? Artist-photographer, popular radio host, and blogger Melisa Caprio helps us enter into deep conversation with the Universe through combining creative visualization with the power of intention.

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