“How to Get Things Done During Uniquely Challenging Times” featuring Paula Rizzo

Learn from Paula Rizzo, author of Listful Living, in this article published in PsychCentral.

You’re working from home right now. But not exactly. Because you’re working from home amid a global crisis—while caring for your kids, overseeing their online schooling, keeping the house (somewhat) clean, and attempting to stay sane as your world has completely shifted.

This is critical to remember. Many articles have advised us to stop trying to be productive and to take it easy on ourselves instead. This is valuable advice. But for those of us who are fortunate to still have jobs, we also need to get things done. We need to perform, and yes, we need to be productive.

Below, you’ll find actionable, accessible tips and tweaks for being productive during the pandemic.

Create an office space—no matter how small. Paula Rizzo, author of the book Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You, lives with her husband in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City. She had The Container Store design a workspace, with a small desk and shelves, inside her closet. Recently, therapist and mindset coach Kate Crocco created a podcast studio in her closet with items she had in her house.

In addition to providing a place for a computer, office supplies, and equipment, these types of setups also create a tangible boundary between work and life.

As Rizzo noted, it’s very easy to write just one more email and work all day and through the night. “This physical barrier helps to curtail that.”

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Listful Living by Paula Rizzo

Listful Living

A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You

A best-selling author and Emmy-award winning television producer for nearly 20 years, Paula Rizzo produced health, wellness, and lifestyle segments with a range of top experts, including JJ Virgin, Jillian Michaels, and Deepak Chopra. Rizzo brings her experience to this new project. Readers will learn their stress style and strategies for shaping their days in more productive ways. With self-assessments and exercises, this guide will bring readers to better patterns and better, more organized lives.

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