How to Word Your Wedding Invitation: An Easy Guide

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How to Word Your Wedding Invitation: An Easy Guide

Be our guest! When it comes to your wedding invitations, make sure you pick the right wording that tells your guests all the necessary details in a clear and eloquent manner. With all the various things you need to communicate, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve broken down what to say and how to say it, whether your wedding is formal or informal.

The Layout

Ever wonder what comes when in regards to your invitation wording? Here is the anatomy of a basic invite, broken down for foolproof phrasing!

Together with their families [Host line]

Kimberly Williams [Bride’s name]


Steven West [Groom’s name]

Request the honor of your presence as they join hands in marriage [Action line]

Saturday September 28th, 2017 [Date line]

at Three O’Clock in the Afternoon [Time line]

The Red Inn [Name of ceremony and reception location]

528 Maple Street [Address]

Los Angeles, California 92832 [Address]

Dinner & Dancing to Follow [Festivities line]

For a Formal Wedding

If your wedding is black tie, your invitation will need to reflect that so guests know what to expect and can dress accordingly. The formal tone of the invite is fitting for a ballroom or country club wedding. You’ll notice that all the same information is included–it’s just rearranged a bit.

Mr. and Mrs. James Daniels [Host line]

request the honor of your presence [Action line]

at the marriage of their daughter

Katherine Daniels [Bride’s name]


Mr. Charles Mason [Groom’s name]

Saturday, the ninth of June [Date line, formally worded]

Two thousand and seventeen [Year line, formally worded]

at half after three o’clock [Time line, formally worded]

Spring Hill Country Club [Name of ceremony and reception location]

569 Bloom Avenue [Address line]

Orange County, California [Address line formally worded–in this case, the zip code is omitted]

Black-Tie Optional [Dress code line]

Informal Wedding

A more casual affair calls for lighthearted, free-spirited wording. This invite is similar to the basic one outlined earlier but has a little more personality.

Anne Day [Bride’s name]


Joseph Keegan [Groom’s name]

are finally tying the knot! [Action line]

Please join us for a celebration of love [Action line]

Sunday, October 8th, 2017 [Date and year line, informally worded]

at 4:30 in the afternoon [Time line, informally worded]

The Butterfly Pavilion [Ceremony location line]

4586 Westfield Way [Address line]

Carbondale, Pennsylvania 58316 [Address line]

Dinner and dancing to follow at [Festivities line]

Hopkins Brewery [Reception location line]

528 Virgil Ave. [Reception address line]

Carbondale, Pennsylvania 58316 [Reception address line]

RSVP at [Action line] [Wedding website line]


Everyone’s family is different, which leads to different phrasing. However, it isn’t as confusing as it may seem. Simply follow this guide to incorporate all the important people in your life.

Single parent:

Elizabeth Jones [Mother’s name]

invites you to share in the celebration of her daughter’s marriage

Single parent and remarried parent

Joe Moffit [Father’s name]

Anne [Mother’s name] & Andrew Cross [Stepfather’s name]

request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter

Parents who are both remarried

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Mist [Father and Stepmother’s names]


Mrs. & Mrs. Lee Johnson [Mother and Stepfather’s names]

request the honor of your company at the marriage of their daughter

Wedding thrown by couple

Angelica Ross [Bride’s name]


John Adamson [Groom’s name]

invite you to witness their union

With this guide, you’ll be a wedding wordsmith in no time!

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