How’s It Going?

Kate Allan (author of Thera-Pets) would like you to start being kind to yourself today and then make it a habit.

“[Life Pro Tip]: If you’re trying to break a habit, don’t say “This is the last time I’m doing it” to yourself. Instead, say “This is the first time I’m not doing it.”” – reddit user animalsarecool69

Maybe today could be a day you don’t shame your body? It is a good body, and you are a good YOU.

All My Best,


64 Emotional Support Animal Cards

In this deck, you’ll find 50 cards supporting mental wellness and self-care for those dealing with anxiety and depression, as well as:

  • Beautiful, whimsical, and colorful art
  • Expressions of encouragement for any hardship you face
  • A gentle guide for dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Cute animals that believe in you!

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