I Want to Share ALL My Organizing Systems With You!

Real Life Organizing author Cassandra Aarssen recently sent out an email blast where she shared an abundance of organizing tips and tricks, check it out!

Hey Clutterbugs!

I recently posted an organized home tour, but I was really nervous to share it with you. The truth is, my home really does stay neat and tidy all the time, but sharing that with you felt a little…unrelatable.

I would never, ever want you to watch my videos and think “that isn’t realistic for me”. I decided to share this video because I AM A CLUTTERBUG. Chaos and clutter is my natural state, but I have found solutions that make putting my stuff away so easy, I never seem to leave it out anymore.

It didn’t happen overnight. I had to declutter…a lot. I also had to spend time creating a home for every single thing I own AND even the things that I don’t own yet (homeless clutter is real). I wanted to share my organized home tour with you, so that you know that it really is possible to live in a home that is effortless to keep tidy, even if you are not a naturally tidy and organized person.

For my home, our systems are our saviour. We have a spot for the paper clutter, a spot for receipts, a designated home just for pencils and another for flashlights! Everything is labeled, which does sometimes feel like a Kindergarten classroom, but labels really are magically and help keep a space tidy.

Is it work in the beginning? Yes. It’s a lot of work to declutter and organize, but once you are done, your every single day is easier. Every. Single. Day. I want that for you. I want you to push yourself to let go of all the things in your home you don’t use or love. I want you to get rid of more stuff than you ever thought possible, and then get rid of even more after that. I want you to create easy homes for the things that are left, and when things start to get messy, I want you to declutter all over again.

You can watch MY ORGANIZED HOME TOUR HERE, and I hope you feel inspired to keep going in your own decluttering and organizing journey. You deserve a home that is effortless to maintain.

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