Ideas for Summer Fun Close to Home

Check out this post by Jenny Block author of Be That Unicorn

Jenny Block thinks we can learn a lot from unicorns — including how to have fun close to home this summer. The author of “Be That Unicorn” joined us from her home in Texas to share some great ideas.

Learn Spanish. Or another language for that matter and do it with a friend to make it fun and keep yourself accountable. Then you can extend your herd even further.

Learn to skateboard. Perfect for social distancing. Great for parents to learn from or with your kids!

Learn to cook food from another culture. Learn to make falafel or ravioli or soup dumplings. The you can host a tasting with you housemates!

Learn something your kids or best friend or spouse loves that is totally out of your wheelhouse. I just started playing Animal Crossing on a Nintendo Switch and I love it. But better than that its given my daughter and I something fun to connect with.

Share your shine. Teach someone to draw or sing. Read stories to kids and books to adults. Teach someone how to do calligraphy or how to tap dance. What’s your skill? Share that shine in person with housemates or virtually with everyone via FB or IG!

Relearn the things you loved to do as a kid like playing hopscotch or hula hooping or making friendship bracelets and sending them to the people you’re missing. it may seem silly. But getting happy mail is SUCH a treat right now. Think of it as sending a virtual hug!

Try something you’ve assumed was impossible like the NYT crossword puzzle or training for a marathon or making 1000 paper cranes. Create a challenge and meet it!

For more information about Jenny and her book, visit her website,

Be That Unicorn by Jenny Block

Be That Unicorn

Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine

Being a unicorn means being the magnetic person that everyone in the room is drawn to. It means being honest and true to yourself every day, no matter what. When you are really, really good at being yourself, you’ll make other people feel really, really good about themselves, too. In Be That Unicorn, Jenny Block, author of several best sellers for women, shows you how to stop putting yourself down and start finding your magic.

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