Is your freedom worth it?

Check out this post with Karen CL Anderson and her book The Difficult Mother Daughter Relationship

It’s interesting what we think of as “the truth” and what we think we need to run from or hide from.

When we’re raised as “good, nice girls” we’re taught to ignore the truth, even when it’s right in front of our faces. We’re taught to ignore our own truths…the truth of who we are…because our mothers weren’t allowed to be or tell the truth about who they were. As their mothers weren’t allowed either.

This isn’t so much about our individual mothers but about the structures and time they and we were born into.

And when we do finally allow ourselves to tell the truth – our truth – even when it scares the ever living shit out of us…we are free.

Not many of us are willing precisely because it’s so scary.

What part of your story is owning you? What part of your story do you want to write a brave new ending to?

Are you willing?

Is your freedom worth it?

Much, much love,


The Difficult Mother Daughter Relationship Journal

A Guide For Revealing & Healing Toxic Generational Patterns (Companion Journal to Difficult Mothers Adult Daughters)

A compassionate guide: Karen C.L. Anderson is a storyteller, feminist, and speaker who views the world through the lens of curiosity and fascination. As a mother-daughter relationship expert, she gently guides readers through revealing painful patterns in their relationships to finding ultimate healing. Her book isn’t a quick fix. Rather, she writes to help mothers and daughters heal and either reconcile or peacefully separate.

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