It’s a Book Celebration

Andrew Freedman (author of Terpenes for Well-Being) celebrates his international book release with us.

Today was amazing! My book Terpenes For Well Being was published internationally! The response has been overwhelming! Thank yo everyone that pre-ordered! Amazon is sold out but you can still find it at chapters/indigo, Walmart, Barnes and noble or bookshop. It’s also available as an E-book through kobo and Apple Books!

Terpenes for Well-Being

A Comprehensive Guide to Botanical Aromas for Emotional and Physical Self-Care

Herbal remedies to feel better outside and inside. In recent years, cannabis has taken the natural medicine community by storm, with terpenes as the number one conversation starter. To Freedman, dubbed “The Cannabis Sommelier”, terpenes have a depth of complexity, whether it’s helping to set your intention, creating the mood, and now―fusing it with cocktails, cooking, and aromatherapy. With engaging text, informative charts, and recipes for both edible and non-edible terpene consumption, Terpenes for Well-Being provides both a botanical breakdown and comprehensive drug guide to aromatherapy-related techniques for relaxation, natural stress relief, and anti-anxiety treatment.

Cannabis cocktails and aromatherapy. In the tradition of cannabis cookbooks, Terpenes for Well-Being offers terpene-infused food and cocktail recipes to promote well-being. With information on the distinct characteristics of different terpenes, this exciting self-care book offers a hands-on, DIY approach to terpene-infused lotions, potions, foods, and beverages.

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