Jack Bobo: How Do We Reshape Our Food Environment so That It No Longer Works Against Us?

FoodNavigator-USA examines Jack Bobo’s book, Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices, and the truth behind eating healthy.

Why Smart People Make Bad Food Choices

The Invisible Influences that Guide Our Thinking

Learn to eat better. Jack Bobo reveals how the psychology of food has been invisibly controlling us all along, in the grocery aisles, at restaurants, in front of the refrigerator, and in every other place we make crucial food choices. Behavioral science is changing the way we think about food and showing us how to develop healthy meal plans and deliver more balanced diets.

Apply behavioral science to your diet plan. A balanced diet creates a healthy lifestyle routine and better quality of life. You can move beyond fad diets, pop science, and calls for ever greater willpower. Explore the deeper causes of hidden influences and mental shortcuts our minds use to process information and how they often prevent us from healthy eating habits.

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